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Rich People, God Love Them!!

Posted: July 13, 2012 in Taxes, Work
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There’s been a lot of talk lately of the widening gap between the rich and the not so rich.  The rich are taking a lot of heat for being, well, rich.  What is the fucking problem?  In my opinion, God Bless them.  They earned it.

Those people who take a financial risk, start a business and make lots of money, hire more people, again, God Bless them.  Risk should be rewarded.  Those who complain about their success,  I can only say, “Get a fucking life.”

Now with success comes some responsibility.  That responsibility is to make sure that appropriate taxes are paid.  I said appropriate, not exorbitant.  However, tax laws with what they are, favor those who are wealthy and give them plenty of opportunities to reduce their tax obligations.  There’s a lot of talk about raising the tax rate on the wealthy, but I for one am against it.  I think the current rate of 35 percent is just fine.  It’s deductions.  Deductions that most people don’t get.  Also, it’s the way money is earned.  Regular income versus investment income.  35 percent tax rate versus 15 percent tax rate.  Income is income is income.  There should be no 15 percent tax rate for individuals whose income is derived from dividends and sales of stock.  The Warren Buffetts and Mitt Romneys should pay at a higher rate.

Now, having said that, what of the 49 or so percent of the population that pays no taxes.  Those that are at the lower end of the income scale.  Should they be able to get a free ride?  Should they be exempt from Federal Income taxes?  No, they shouldn’t.  Most can pay something.   It’s an easy thing to say and may sound like I have no compassion.  That’s not true.   I do.  Those at the lowest end of the income scale should not have to pay.  They need all they earn.  And they aren’t exempt from some of the local taxes, be it on purchases or utilities or other taxes levied at the state and city level.

What about reducing the tax rate even more, you know, because of the “Job Creators”.  The problem, as I see it, is that not all of the rich are job creators.  Just because you have a lot of money doesn’t necessarily make you a “Job Creator”.  So should Paris Hilton pay taxes at a lower rate than say someone who actually adds people to a payroll?Fuck no.  However, I’m all for a tax credit for any business that hires people.  Hire someone, get a credit.  Pretty simple.

As a “lefty” I try to look at the other side regarding wealth and taxes.  I know a lot of my lefty friends may disagree with me but I can deal with that.  If you work hard, earn lots of money you should be able to keep most of it and pass it on without an inheritance tax.  That’s money that has already been taxed.  Now once you inherit it and use it to earn more or receive interest and dividends on it, then pony up.

So, whether you are the 1%, 99%, a Wall Streeter, or an Occupy Wall Streeter, the bottom line is that you are a part of a great nation and we should want to do what’s best for our nations well being, but fairly.



Dear Sir, Madam, Mr. Ms. or Computer Software Program designed to parse the snippets of my life:

Please find attached my resume for the position advertised.  As you can see on my resume and with all of the “Key Words” I’ve used, I am well qualified for this amazing opportunity.  Just in case you haven’t seen my resume yet, here they are:

Salesman, Hunter, Experienced, Regional, Territory, Quota, Driven, Motivated, Hungry, Exceptional, Successful, Driven (used twice to show I’m Driven), Computer Literate, Plays Well with others and I’ve seen Wall Street three times.

First of all I am 58 years old.  Holy shit, we can’t talk about age.  That’s the Holy Grail of HR no, no’s.  Seriously, I know you’ve already done the mental math and feel there is no need for further consideration but let me continue.  You won’t be disappointed.

Second, I know about Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, WordPress, Google+, Yahoo, Bing, Reddit, Delicious, Flickr, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, Posterous, StumbleUpon and several more.  I’m pretty sure I created a user name and password for all of them, but I’m not sure.  You get the idea, not all 50’s and uppers are unaware of Social Media and popular computer and web app’s.

I am also very familiar with how to use the internet for research and information.  In fact, I’m pretty well-known there as gar54.  I wanted to be car54, but that was already taken.  Do you remember the show “Car 54 Where Are You”?  The same guy that played Herman Munster was on that show.  You remember Herman Munster don’t you?  No?  Okay, moving on.

I know what a newspaper is, not just the one’s on my iPad.

I know what an iPad is.

I have some college background and I know how to spell it without spell check.

I know not to use “I” all of the time, but then again this is about me, telling you, about ME.

Reliable transportation, yes, I have it and it’s paid for.  Plus it’s a real car, not one of those Kia’s that Hamsters like to drive.

When I was six, I had the Chicken Pox.

When I wear my dress up clothes and shave, I look pretty good for someone my age.  Oops, there I go again talking about my years of life, but I’m kind of proud of that achievement.  Sorry, me bad.

Finally, I’m a fun person that would be more than happy to go out after work with the gang and hang while drinking 64 calorie beer and eating nachos.

So call me.

The List

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Customer Service
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Welcome to my personal blog where I will rant about any number of topics.  Topics that wouldn’t be appropriate for my business blog, unless I expect to piss off and lose customers and potential customers.  But I find there are times when I need to rant but I don’t want to do it one on one, or with a group of people while socializing, so a personal blog works well.

So, let’s get started.  You may have noticed the title, “The List”, but it could more appropriately be called “Customer Service”.  As someone who has been in customer service all my adult working life, it’s something I take notice of.  When customer service lacks, there’s a good chance the business will end up on my list, which is a list of company’s I no longer patronage.

My list has been accumulating for as long as I can remember.  In fact, the first business to end up on “The List” was retailer JC Penny.  It was one of those situations where they could have provided a little good will and work with a customer but instead chose to be unwilling to be flexible.  The “List” was born.

Over the years more businesses have been added to the list.  It’s a mental list and I don’t always remember who’s on it until I happen to be driving by or need to shop somewhere, but it’s not a lonely club.

So what kind of things will get you on the list?  Here’s an example.  A national restaurant chain, one of those 24 hour places, had a fantastic looking menu with wonderful pictures of food.  I scanned the menu, looked at the pictures and made a choice.  Wow, I couldn’t wait to taste what I thought was going to be an awesome lunch.  When it arrived, it looked nothing like the picture.  The picture had lots of meat in the sandwich, what I got didn’t.  The picture had lots of French fries, my plate, not so much.  I brought this to the attention of the server and asked if I could have what’s in the picture.  Well apparently, the serving portions are weighed and those are the portions that are served.  When I complained a little more, they did take the plate back and added one more thin slice of meat to the sandwich and a sliver of fries to the plate.  It still had no resemblance to the picture.  I ate it, paid, and left.  I haven’t eaten there since.

Another restaurant, a fast food place, decided to stop helping me and take care of a drive through customer.  Half way through taking our order, she left to take care of someone else.  This time I just left, no food, nothing.  I did return a moment later to let them know how rude they had been.  They made the “List”.

I’m not a demanding customer, I tip well, and sometimes I overlook things that others may complain about.

The main point here is that consumers have choices.  As a business you are asking them to part with their very hard earned dollars and you have an obligation to meet their shopping or dining expectations.  If, as a business, you don’t meet those expectations and do NOTHING to correct a problem, consumers will use the multitude of choices they have and go somewhere else.  They may even add you to their “List”.

One final thought.  Coming off the “List” is possible.  JC Penny is now again open to my shopping needs.  However, the commercial they recently ran with all the screaming almost got them back on the “List”.